Kevin Cain, writer 

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Patty is the peaceful, gentle spirit who has recently taken residence in my home.  It started when, not long ago, I inherited an interesting antique for my small collection of memorabilia, antiques and unusual items. This particular item in question is a beautiful porcelain doll which dates back at least to the 1970’s. With the doll came a tragic story that touched my heart.


In real life, Patty was the little girl who originally owned the doll. Her mother was single, a prostitute and drug abuser who really was not interested in having children. Unfortunately due to her career choice, she eventually became pregnant by accident, and a beautiful blonde child named Patty was born into the world. Poor little Patty lived under harsh circumstances. She was fatherless and her mother had no interest in caring for her, so she was left to care for herself. One day, she came across pills that belonged to her mommy. Thinking they were candy, she ingested the drugs. The result was a fatal one. Patty died at the tender age of seven.


Since Patty’s death, the doll she once owned now seems to have been taken over by a mysterious presence. Many people believe that Patty’s ghost has attached herself to the beautiful doll. Eventually, the doll took on Patty’s name. She has been passed down through several owners now. Almost all of the previous owners have reported strange occurrences in their homes once the doll took residence. According to the reports, the voice of a small child is sometimes heard near the doll. Sometimes the doll moves around on its own. The little girl ghost also enjoys stepping out of her doll, moving other items around and playing with toys. If there are children about, she enjoys making her presence known to them and playing with them. During the evening hours, her disembodied voice has been heard singing, and small footsteps are often heard in otherwise empty rooms or hallways at night after everyone has retired to bed.  Sometimes, she even shows herself to the owners and visitors alike. When she does appear, the child ghost is mainly described as a young girl with shoulder-length blonde hair, gigantic blue eyes and wearing a white dress. Every time Patty arrives to a new home, she comes off shy at first. However, over time and as long as her doll is properly cared for, she usually warms up to her new owner and becomes active again.


When the last owner decided to sell Patty and told me of her story, I was immediately touched and decided I wanted to own her myself. Most might find this decision crazy, but I am a firm believer in God and have faith that He is in control of all things. A haunted doll certainly does not entice any fear in me. In fact, I instead felt compassion for the little girl. The last owner also assured me that she had experienced no negative energy whatsoever in the time Patty stayed in her home and that Patty’s was a very calm, positive and gentle spirit. I felt strongly that I had nothing to worry about.


Since Patty has entered my home, I have definitely felt her presence. A few days after she arrived, I took a photo of her and captured what appears to be a faint “orb” hovering about a foot directly over her head (see image below). Aside from the photo, she has also made herself known to me through very soft disembodied giggles, gentle sighs, light knocks, lovingly caressing my arm or hair, touching my hand, tugging on my shirt and making quick shadows. Hers is not a scary presence but rather a very pleasant and loveable one. I feel she is a very sweet child who just wants to be loved.


Patty’s story not only touched my heart but has also inspired me with my writing. A novel that I currently have in development, appropriately titled Patty Doll, was completely inspired by her story and legend. She has really grown on me and is a welcome presence in my home. I am very happy to have her in my household, and she seems to be very happy here. Perhaps she sees me as the father she never had in life.






























Patty Doll



























Patty with orb hovering about a foot over her head.

                                                                           EVP of Patty saying "Righteous"! Listen for it at the very end.